Today, Wuhan restarts


Today, Wuhan is officially allowed to open,after 76 days locked.The official closure date of Wuhan is 10 am on January 23, 2020. A sudden outbreak hit the pause button in the city of Wuhan. But fortunately, there are countless fearless retrogrades, with their fearless and selfless efforts and perseverance. Let the city of Wuhan restart.

March 6,

More than 40,000 medical personnel in Wuhan have been supported nationwide to achieve zero infection.

March 17,

The national medical teams supporting Hubei began to evacuate one after another.

April 8,

Wuhan will end its 76-day closure and officially lift the ban.Wuhan is finally about to be end lockdown!

From the sky full of snow and ice, until the spring blossoms!

Of course, even if Wuhan is unblocked, we cannot take it lightly.Unblocking does not mean unblocking.

At present, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is serious, so we still have to strictly prevent imported cases.

However, everything is getting better and developing in the direction we want.Therefore, we must also believe that the blasting machine trade industry under the impact of this sudden epidemic will usher in its own spring.

The important point is what kind of efforts we should make to prevent ourselves from freezing to death before the arrival of spring when the spring flowers bloom.

And accumulate energy so that it can be used at any time after the epidemic is over.The spring of Wuhan is coming, and the spring of our shot blasting factory is not far away!

Post time: Mar-15-2020

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